KAREN DANYLCHUK         President of the World Association for Sport Management


Greetings Sport Management Colleagues!

On behalf of the World Association for Sport Management (WASM), I am delighted to extend a warm invitation to our Third WASM conference that will be hosted by Universidad Santo Tomás in Santiago, Chile October 16-19, 2019.  Conference host Rodrigo Andrés Alvarado Strange, Director of the Sport Science Institut of Santo Tomás University, conference coordinator Gerardo Bielons, Director of Events GB, Scientific Program Co-Chairs Brenda Pitts and James Zhang, and the WASM conference team have been working diligently to plan an outstanding program with the theme “The World Voice of Sport Management”. 

Our previous two conferences in Madrid, Spain (2014) and Kaunas, Lithuania (2017) attracted participants from over 40 countries and we are confident that Santiago will prove to be another outstanding success. Please browse our conference website and be sure to submit an abstract by the deadline date of 1st March, 2019. We look forward to seeing you in the beautiful city of Santiago!

RODRIGO ALVARADO            Director of the Sports Science Institute


On behalf of the Sports Science Institute of the University of Santo Tomás, it is a great pleasure and a privilege, to host the WASM World Conference 2019, in our 10th anniversary. This institute was created with the mission of developing advanced human capital, as well as generating and spreading knowledge for the sports development, in a joint work with the Olympic Committee of Chile, which will also be part of the 2019 conference.

We believe that the conference topic called “The World Voice of Sport Management”, it perfectly reflects what we expect  from this congress to be, the meeting of many voices throughout the world, that gives a global view to the development of sports management, particularly since this is the first time this conference will takes place in America.

Our country has been taking important steps and assuming great challenges in the sports field, crowned with its designation as host of the Pan American Games in 2023. We are working on a strong scientific and social program to offer the best opportunities for your professional, academic and networking development, as well as to offer the opportunity to discover the beauty and energy of our country and our capital, Santiago. We are aware that for some of you, it will be a long journey, but believe me, it is worth it.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the WASM 2019 World Conference, “The World Voice of Sport Management”.