With 30 years of academic activity, one of the central objectives of the educational project of the Universidad  Santo Tomás is the training of professionals with solid values and capable of contributing with integrity, efficiency, quality and social responsibility to the development of their families and the community. .

Universidad Santo Tomás  currently offers 34 undergraduate programs consisting of 29 careers, a Baccalaureate program and 4 continuing education programs in eight faculties. In the postgraduate area, the UST has a Doctorate, 17 Masters programs and 55 academic graduates.


About the Institute of Sports Science

The Sports Science Institute was created in 2009, based on a cooperation agreement with the Olympic Committee of Chile (COCH) and Universidad Santo Tomás, to respond to the requirements of professionals and technicians that imposed the development of sport in our country. Its creation marked a milestone in Chile since it was the first educational institution linked to the National Olympic movement, and it is the only university centre dedicated to the training of professionals related to high performance sport and the promotion of sport sciences and activity. physical in general.

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Olympic Training Center

The institute is located inside the Olympic Training Center (CEO), of the Olympic Committee of Chile, a center that aims to:

1.- Provide Federated Sports with a stable place to develop their Training, Competitive and High Performance activities.

2.- Deliver to the National Sport Transitory Shelter Service to Selected Athletes.

3.- Provide the National Sports System of Sports Gymnasium for the Organization of National and International Competitions.

4.- Deliver to affiliated Federations Administrative Offices, Plenary Hall for Assemblies and Meeting Rooms for management improvement.

5.- To allow the formation of Professionals of Applied Sciences to the Sport oriented to the High performance by an alliance with the National Federations and Agreement with Universidad Santo Tomás.

The CEO, currently, integrates 24,000 mt2 of sports facilities with implementation for practice and development of 12 affiliated Federations, Sports hostel with capacity of 100 athletes, Sports Center Gymnasium for Organization of Championships with capacity for 3,500 spectators and Administrative Offices for operation of 38 member Federations .

Inside the CEO, the Institute of Sports Sciences has an infrastructure of more than 2 thousand square meters -with rooms, laboratories of anatomy and physiology and biomechanics, library, computer room and auditorium- available for the undergraduate and postgraduate programs of the university and the technical training centre, and we also coordinate the use for training courses that the COCH does to the sports federations.

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